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Bridal Party 

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Brogan Murphy

The other of the Murphy sister duo, if you know her you know me, we come as a pair obviously! Grace met Brogan at age zero and has been her ride or die since day dot. Our Brogie has had a bit of a rough ride over the last year, but we hope that she will be able to join us on the big day. Love you Brogie xox

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

I met our Bethy when she was 15, she worked as a waitress with both Ollie and myself in the Noisy Lobster days. She witnessed our relationship when it all began - a few years later she became my bestest friend. Time and age knows no bounds with us, she is my little protege. I’ve never known a warmer and more loyal woman. She’s super organised too hence the MOH title. She’s a true soul sister.

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Sarah James

The original London girls - Besties since 14YO, we met in year 9 and became inseparable. When Mum and Dad left Grace in London to finish school with Lil (Grandmother). There were many nights out giving Lil the run around with a pack of Mayfair and a bottle of Glenns Vodka. Total teenage rebellion, young forever, welcome another soul sister to the gang.

Jennifer Bawden

Southern butterfly, etiquette and a pair of balls. We met at the start of Jens uni days, when WKDs and port were the go to. Plenty of nights in Walkabout, walks in the forest and roasts at the parents. Someone who is sometimes around but like we were never apart. Welcome the final soul sister to the gang.

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